How I spend my money

Why is it that if we are sick, we will pay thousands of dollars to medical professionals and hospitals, when we want quality entertainment we will spend a lot on vacations and fancy trips, for us women we will spend $3000 for a LV, Fendi or Gucci purse , we have huge budgets for maintaining our image, 45k-80k for fancy cars, but when a believer gives a large offering to a man or woman of God or to a church that has blessed their lives (of their free will), or just give to support the work of God, people cry foul? People say we have been brainwashed, we are puppets. Well I would rather be a puppet for Jesus than a puppet for Satan. Many out there sponsor the work of the devil. Let me say this, we all have different priorities, I would rather invest in the work of God as I see fit than allow the sly devil to channel my money into superficial and dark avenues. Many unbelievers are too quick to condemn finances being put into Godly eternal usage, but some would gamble, pay prostitutes and sponsor unsavory political characters to run for office. People get your priorities right, learn to invest in things that will reap an eternal reward, invest in saving your soul while reaping vast earthly benefits at the same time. My Bible says what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Matt 16:26