the conviction and drive to execution

If you will be successful in ministry or in anything you do in life, if you will be exceptional, if you will be a leader, you will have to get comfortable with doing things that everyone does not like or agree with. You will have to have the conviction and drive to execution even when others may think you are not going in the right direction. You cannot allow claps, praises, endorsements or FB likes or the lack thereof to determine your course of action. Some of the people used the most by God looked like they were doing something crazy when God first started using them, before others got on the band wagon. Be bold and confident about what God has told you to do or say, do not waver or change to suit the norm otherwise Satan will use others to derail you! In his time, he makes all things beautiful (Eccle 3:11) and will validate you himself. Man is not your validator!!!!